Meteorite Identification

XRF Elemental Analysis

"For most people, trying to find out if a rock they have found is a meteorite can be near impossible. Geo Labs is here to help..."

Geo Labs makes it easy:

  1. Purchase a service pack online: 1 sample, 5 samples, 10 samples

    1. Remember to select wether you want your sample returned or not by selecting the sample return drop-down option when purchasing the service. Geo Labs will not store samples and samples will not be returned unless the return service is selected. 

  2. Send Geo Labs a representative sample of the suspected meteorite no smaller than 1/2" x "1/2 and no larger than 10" x 10" 

    1. Include the completed Sample Submission Form
    2. Mail sample and completed form to:
    • Geo Labs
    • 1437 N. Denver Ave.
    • Loveland, Colorado 80538



    The Geo Labs XRF Analysis Report

    1. Is it a meteorite - YES / NO
    2. Key Diagnostic Indicators
    3. Geo Labs Reasoning for YES / NO Designation
    4. Recommendation on weather or not to pursue full classification
    5. Sample Bulk Elemental Percentages for Mg through U




     Geo Labs uses industry leader Thermo Scientific's world class Niton FLX 950 XRF - FM Portable Laboratory with more powerful X-ray source than the standard handheld models. It has the ability to probe with a 8mm, 5mm and 1mm beam width, and can us helium purging to get better readings for the lighter elements if necessary. It also has the capability to autorotate a powdered sample housed within a standardized plug to ensure a more accurate sampling. 


    This is the Niton XLF 950 XRF Field Laboratory that Geo Labs uses for analysis.


    Please note that the lid on the analyzer closes to create an enclosed sample chamber. The sample must be able to fit within this chamber. The chamber can accommodate a sample of up to approximately 10 inches by 10 inches.



    Below is an illustration of how the detector works and what part of the atom is being stimulated by the x-rays.  

    Meteorite Identification XRF Geo Labs