XRF Sample Analysis - 1 Sample

XRF Sample Analysis - 1 Sample

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XRF SAMPLE ANALYSIS - *starting at $125 per sample

  • YES / NO for most suspected meteorite samples
  • Not full classification
  • Only a good option if your sample responds strongly to a magnet
  • Not an option if your sample does not respond to a magnet
  • Includes report with bulk composition percentage for elements Mg through U
  • Required to advance a sample for Electron Microprobe analysis with our partner company New Mexico Meteoritic Services (NMMS), unless otherwise vetted.

Sample Submission Requirements & Instructions

  1. Sample must be visually vetted and approved for submission
  2. Sample must be at least 1 inch (4cm) in diameter / across
  3. Sample cannot exceed 12 inches (44mm) in diameter / across
  4. Include the original order # with the sample submission
  5. After payment is complete send sample to the address below (You will be asked to provide the tracking number of your shipment):
Meteorite Identification XRF
Geo Labs
XRF Submissions

117 East 37th Street, #575 
Loveland, Colorado
80538, US