XRF Meteorite Identification  1 Sample

XRF Meteorite Identification 1 Sample

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"YES / "NO" METEORITE XRF ANALYSIS - *starting at $100 per sample

  • Fast YES / NO for most suspected meteorite samples
  • A good option if you do not need full classification
  • A good option if you just want to know if it is a meteorite or not, and do not need to know the exact type of meteorite.
  • A good option if your sample responds to a magnet
  • Not a good option if your sample does not respond to a magnet and/or you require full classification if sample is identified as a meteorite
  • Not a good option if you need to know the exact type of meteorite or want verification for the purposes of resale or insurance valuation
  • Includes report with bulk composition percentage for elements Mg through Uranium  and our interpretation and recommendations for how to proceed
  • Click here if you do need to know the exact type of meteorite, require full classification services, and/or your sample does not respond to a magnet

Sample Submission Requirements & Instructions

  1. The sample cannot exceed 100mm by 100mm (approx. the size of a softball)
  2. Analysis & Return Shipping Fees must be paid prior to sending your sample
  3. The sample will not be returned, unless "YES" option is selected in the "Return Sample" option box above
  4. Make sure the Geo Lab “sample submission form” is completed and included in the shipment with the sample(s)
  5. Send sample to the address below
Meteorite Identification XRF
Geo Labs
XRF Submissions

1437 N Denver Ave
Suite 206 
Loveland, Colorado
80538, US